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  1. If you caught your spouse cheating on you, would you give them a second chance?

  2. If you saw someone shoplifting while you were shopping, would you report him/her to the store management?

  3. If you found a purse with identification and about $200 cash inside, what would you do?

  4. If a very good friend needed a prescription drug that you could easily get through your doctor and insurance plan, would you?

  5. If a family member committed a felony (such as burglary, grand theft auto, embezzlement, but NOT murder) would you report him/her?

  6. If your boss/supervisor was going out of town on vacation for a week, would you leave work a couple of hours earlier every day if you could easily get away with it?

  7. When I pass a homeless person on the street, I usually:

  8. If the cashier at a store accidentally undercharges you by a large amount, would you point it out to him/her, or remain silent?

  9. If you discovered that a co-worker at your job was stealing from the company, would you report it to management?

  10. If my best friend and my spouse's best friend were getting married on the same day, we would...

  11. What should be done about illegal immigration in the USA?

  12. If your spouse gave you the OK to have sex with your celebrity of choice, would you?

  13.   I believe Abortion

  14. I believe racial discrimination is a major problem facing the world today.

  15. Have you ever re-gifted? (recycled a gift you received by giving it to someone else)

  16. Do New Year's resolutions work or are they a waste of time?

  17. What should be done about Iraq?

  18. Internet users can be considered addicts in the following cases:

  19. Do you believe in Karma?

  20. I believe graphically violent video games are harmful to our youth.

  21. Internet dating sites are an effective way to meet new people

  22. Man made global warming is

  23. I believe in life after death.

  24. Do you believe too many people go overboard with cosmetic surgery

  25. Television is harmful to children of all ages

  26. Marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

  27. Partial Birth Abortion should be against the law in all circumstances.

  28. Does pornography degrade or liberate society?

  29. Physician assisted suicide should be legal.

  30. If you could spy on your significant other's emails or voice mails completely undetected, would you?

  31. Should parental notification be mandatory for under aged children requesting an abortion?

  32. Smoking should be prohibited in all public places.

  33. Reality TV shows are an enriching source of entertainment.

  34. Would a political candidate's gender, race or sexual orientation affect your vote?

  35. Health Care should be a legal "right"

  36. Trans fats should be banned in all restaurants and fast food chains.

  37. Astrology and religion's like Christianity and Judaism are morally compatible.

  38. If the US Congress allows oil companies to drill in Alaska it would help reduce prices.

  39. Guns and rifles should be banned in all major cities.

  40. The state of today's economy has significantly impacted my life.

  41. The destruction of embryonic stem cells for research is morally wrong.

  42. If I could vote for President of the United States in November, I would vote for

  43. The use of recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine should be legal and regulated.

  44. The government should use a portion of the taxes it collects to provide foreclosure relief to homeowners.

  45. Government issued school vouchers would improve public education.

  46. Which US Presidential candidates and their running mates reflect your views?

  47. I always stock up on food/supplies in case of a natural or man made disaster.

  48. The 800+ billion dollar bailout plan is a good thing for America

  49. Everyone who votes in an election must provide a valid photo ID by law.

  50. I believe the political opinion polls accurately predict election results.

  51. Parental notification for minors seeking an abortion should be mandatory.

  52. My yearly donations to charity amount to:

  53. Has Christmas become too commercialized?

  54. I believe in the death penalty for certain heinous crimes.

  55. I'm confident that the new stimulus bill will improve the economy when it's implemented.

  56. The mainstream media tends to be:

  57. Children in the US should be required to speak English prior to entering public school.

  58. What should the government do about taxes in this recession?

  59. Parents should have the freedom to home-school their children even if they do not have a degree in teaching.

  60. The government intervention in GM and Chrysler was the right thing to do.

  61. What should world leaders do regarding the Iranian election strife?

  62. Michael Jackson will be missed

  63. The United States economy would benefit from another stimulus plan.

  64. If you or your spouse was having a baby, would you want to know the sex before birth?

  65. I believe a single payer government health care system...

  66. At my household we recycle our bottles, cans, and paper items

  67. On Christmas day I would rather greet people with:

  68. Economic conditions in 2010 will be...

  69. My personality type is:

  70. Is government spending a necessary evil in a bad economy?

  71. Salt quantities in food should be regulated by the Government.

  72. How do you feel about the new TSA full body scanning policies?

  73. Do you believe the middle east protests will end in more democracy and freedom?

  74. Do you believe marriage should be redefined other then between one man and one woman?

  75. Does President Obama deserve a second term?

  76. What is the most important political issue facing the US today?

  77. If you caught your spouse cheating, would you give them a second chance?

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