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Introduction to I-Ching

The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient philosophy originating in China, and is centered on the principle that everything in Life is in constant change. It functions on the basis of synchronicity which are the inexplicable coincidences of life. Based upon a system of higher mathematics and quantum physics, the I Ching consists of 64 hexagrams which are six-line structures composed of either solid lines representing the Yang (the masculine active force) or broken lines representing the Yin (the feminine receptive force). Each hexagram can be divided into 2 trigrams which are the 3-line structures that are the building blocks of the hexagrams. There are a total of 8 trigrams formed from all the various combinations of yin and yang, representing the eight elemental forces in nature with their characteristics or meanings. The 64 hexagrams represent every possible combination of these lines (the yin and yang forces), and are believed to embody the major situations encountered in life.

The purpose of the I Ching is to help us adapt to change in a balanced and harmonious fashion by providing guidance in uncertain situations. When consulting the I Ching, it is important to focus your questions to be as specific as possible, and to avoid yes/no or either/or type questions involving a choice. The hexagram formed in the reading will provide insight and direction on how to approach and handle the circumstances of your inquiry, and may address your motives behind asking. If the answer seems at first unclear, the meaning may reveal itself in time.

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